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Elizabeth Hepburn

Elizabeth Hepburn’s victorious three time emergence from cancer, shifted her passion for theatre to the Healing Arts. Grateful for her personal healings, she is committed to awakening us to our own inner healing energy. Our bodies are rivers of energy healing themselves constantly. We all need to know that!

Being a Wellness Advocate, whether before a large audience or in a one-on-one session, Elizabeth is dedicated to restoring the balance native to our body/mind/spirit systems. She embraces the veracity of Hippocrates' statement: “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”, and guides us to experience that powerful Life Force Energy within from which healing ensues. Through her “Love Heals” message, Elizabeth facilitates our life journey becoming "Better & Better" in every way.

Better & Better Series

Pre & Post-Surgery Programs
- Facilitate optimal outcomes
- Reduce fear and anxiety
- Soothe & empower
- Provide inner healing

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Elizabeth CD Sample Cover

Elizabeth Hepburn CD's

Songs to Inspire

Beautiful Dreamer Awake
Joyful Awakening - Heavenly Sleep

Come Home to your Heart
Align with Love

I Am therefore I Love
Songs to Inspire

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Love Heals

-Elizabeth listens.

-She hears you.

-With her acclaimed “healing voice”,
She guides you to a place of deep peace.

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Honoring Life Celebrations

Elizabeth Hepburn, Interfaith Minister
Officiates at:


-Memorial Services

-Lovefull Journey Gatherings

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