Better and Better Series Guidebooks

Better & Better Guidebook Cover

The Better & Better Series was another tremendous gift to me. The original inspiration to create video and audio programs to assist people through the arduous journey of surgery and recovery was prompted by my personal experience. I had discovered that the more relaxed we are, the more salubrious our experience will be – the less we bleed, the less anesthesia and pain meds we need, the sooner we’re able to leave the hospital. I wanted others to have access to this information.

While working away on the meditations and then recording them, it occurred to me that there should be a little book within the package that would support the material on the DVDs/CDs. The Guidebooks were born. I loved the info that came forth and truly enjoyed writing them.

A few years later, when we made all the recordings downloadable, I was bereft. How are my people going to get the Guidebooks now? Make them a free download on your website, that’s how! So here they are. I hope you enjoy them as I have and that they serve you well.

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Better & Better Series Guidebook and the (free) Introducing Elizabeth video.