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For those who don’t feel like taking to the streets to make their dissent and their worry public, there are choice places of quiet - places for reflection and honesty - and hope.

One of these is the shelter offered by Elizabeth Hepburn, a noted singer who, in other times, would have been called, with admiration , a chanteuse .....a troubadour for her times.....who offers several CDs which are a panoply of songs of soft, not strident belief. She voices the lyrics of experience, of hope, of love, but not of despair.

Elizabeth’s work is more than inspirational, more than comfortable. It simply floats into your consciousness. Hers is a voice that’s lyrical. She swoops in and carries you aloft to where you want to where you know you belong, but too often have dared not venture. Her wooing, stage-trained chords surge at times with lowdown, husky sexual appeal - she frolics in the low registers, then soars into the high - into the ethereal.

Elizabeth opens herself up and gives love, asking in return only that you do the same. Her CDs offer you a world of experience to choose and benefit from .... but never a word of despair.

Bayard Stockton, Journalist
Santa Barbara, CA

Beautiful Dreamer-CoverBeautiful Dreamer Awake (Click title or picture to order downloads or CDs)

Inner Healing Workout

AM – Elizabeth's sparky "wake up" song and meditation energize and empower your day
PM – a lullaby for adults and healing meditation induce inner peace and deep, renewing sleep.

"Beautiful Dreamer Awake" was born out of an intense desire to assist two loved ones (my mother being one of them) to get to sleep and stay there. Richard Shulman and I used a lovely melody by Franz Lehar with appropriate lyrics as the Lullaby. I subsequently realized, if we were putting people to sleep, we really should wake them up . Since I couldn't find a song that worked for me, I was inspired to write one myself. What? I'd never written a song in my life. But within a few days, there it was, a little wake-up song. I was so pleased and grateful!

The voice is gorgeous, indeed healing.
Brugh Joy, M.D., Author

Beautiful Dreamer Awake is beautiful - very soothing and uplifting.
Elizabeth Kubler Ross, M.D. Author

Beautiful Dreamer Awake is a profound gift of Spirit that resonates within my mind and heart. It is truly a call to awaken.
Alan Cohen, Author

Beautiful Dreamer Awake affirms the best in all of us while helping in a most beautiful way to ease the transition between the worlds. The singing is superb. I love it.
Ken Carey, Author

Beautiful Dreamer Awake is fantastic. Elizabeth is taking music into the domain where it originated, state producing. Her voice does that; it really does.
Bill Schul, Ph.D., Author

Beautiful Dreamer Awake is beautiful and inspiring. It awakens our ability to search deeply within ourselves. It is truly excellent.
Lynn Andrews, Author

Come-Home-CoverCome Home to your Heart (Click title or picture to order downloads or CDs)

These songs and meditation create delicious inner healing that hugs your heart, nourishes your spirit and illuminates your soul's deepest desires.

I was walking in Central Park when I got the inspiration for this recording. It was so clear: "Sing these two sacred songs, put a meditation between them, here's the cover art and you can produce it yourself." It was that precise. The next week Jeff Olmsted and I got together and with the generous support of many friends/angels it soon became a reality. I'm very grateful.

I love it. The voice is magnificent in song, the meditation, fabulous. This CD will bless many.
Alan Cohen, Author

An extraordinary example of Elizabeth's beautiful voice and the power of her words to heal. I highly recommend it.
Meredith Young-Sowers, Author

Elizabeth's gentle spirit and heavenly singing truly guide us home to the heart in this beautiful CD.
Reverend Diane Berke, Author

Beautiful. Powerful. A must for those who are on the evolutionary journey.
Jessica Ezell, Author


Gratitude-CoverGratitude (Click title or picture to order downloads or CDs)

Each one of my CDs was a great gift to me. As a theatre person, though I was singing constantly, it never occurred to me to record anything. Then my health crisis took over, and when I emerged from that, I felt the need to express my appreciation to everyone who had helped me get well. Many had assisted in saving my life, and I was prompted to say “thank you” by singing for them. So my husband, Ben Bryant, produced our very first recording. It was aptly entitled, Gratitude.

We gifted it to many, among whom were doctors, all manner of health care professionals, lecturers, authors of metaphysical/healing books, and ultimately Hilda Charlton, my spiritual teacher. It finally emerged on the New Age Market.

Gratitude has been the cornerstone of my life ever since that healing. Richard Shulman - Ron Young - Steve Gabouri - Ben Bryant and Gene Heimlich - thank you, each and every one of you. Thank you for your assistance in manifesting Gratitude.


Elizabeth Hepburn is a bell of hope ringing in a dark and lonely night. It is deeply moving because she IS her music.
Alan Cohen, Author

Elizabeth Hepburn provides for listeners a sense of the dramatic which soothes, heals and inspires the consciousness.
Meredith Lady Young, Author

A glorious voice... a treasure with which few are blessed.
Alan Cott, Physician/Author

... a pure vibration of love.
David Pomerantz, Healer/Teacher

... as if one could hear a diamond.
Garnette Arledge, Author/Artist

I Am.I Love-CoverI Am therefore I Love (Click title or picture to order downloads or CDs)

Elizabeth's beautiful voice accompanied by Jon Werking's fabulous orchestrations of an enchanting potpourri of songs nourish your body/mind/spirit with the healing energies of love, peace and gratitude.

As with “Come Home to your Heart”, the inspiration for “I Am therefore I Love” came in Central Park. I was walking along, for some reason saying the famous Descartes quote in my head: “I think therefore I am”, and suddenly I heard: “I am therefore I love.” A giant “Yes” erupted within me. We know by now that “we are” - the next step for us is “we love”. What a world we will have as we grasp that.


Here is a magnificent offering from a voice that draws from the depth of the soul. This music was drawn from love and will surely touch the place in you that remembers pure love.
Alan Cohen, Author

A synergy of music, healing and inspiration that only Elizabeth Hepburn could create.
Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., Author

Elizabeth's voice creates sacred space. She is a link to the Divine.
Barbara Biziou, Author

Elizabeth gives power to the expression of love on this CD. It soars with direction and focus. Listening, we remember that only love can transform our lives and oftentimes, as here, only the human voice in song can say it well.
William Schul, Ph.D., Author

Listening to I am Therefore I Love is practically a religious experience. It is not just a voice singing a song.
Lionel Fernandez, Social worker,  Founder and Director of the Miguel Sanchez del Rio Foundation

Especially during these tumultuous times, our world leaders need to listen to Elizabeth Hepburn's extraordinary "And Peace Begins." They would replace blame and fear with compromise and love--and enhance the entire planet. This amazing songstress injects us with loving hope. My prayer is this song be played around the world and effect our mass consciousness for peace.
Gilda Carle, Ph.D.

I Am Therefore I Love lifts the spirit and opens the heart. I can't think of a greater gift.
Myrna Aaron, Psy.D

This CD will put you into a beautiful higher consciousness. The songs sound like an angel is singing just to you. These songs heal and soothe your spirit. Some of my favorites are: AND PEACE BEGINS, VERY UNUSUAL WAY and A QUIET THING, but she sings all the songs beautifully. Her singing will inspire you and lift you into a peaceful and serene higher consciousness.
Margery Beddow, Author

I truly enjoy I Am Therefore I Love each time I play it. It is a soothing, mind-relaxing, thought-provoking musical event. particularly while playing it on my car CD player during my drives around town or on-the-road. The meanings of the words are particularly enhanced by the quality. strength and resonance of Ms. Hepburn's vocal delivery. There is a deep personal conviction in her delivery. For a delightful change of pace, my absolute favorite selection is the rhythm and heart of the Pretty Woman, Handsome Man cut. But throughout it is a most entertaining, relaxing and therapeutic experience, far above the norm of such CD productions. Makes me curious about her meditation and healing group sessions.
Bill Hickman, retired GE Executive

Invite Elizabeth in through this wonderful CD "I Am, Therefore I Love", and I guarantee your life will improve. Her voice is like a caress. It uplifts, heals, inspires, and motivates. You'll find yourself listening to this CD over and over again, as Elizabeth's healing power and feeling of love sink into your soul and your consciousness. Hers is truly the voice of an angel. I strongly recommend that you make her your own personal angel. Spend some time with her daily, and feel yourself start to soar as well.
Fred Perkins, Corporate Executive, retired