Love Heals with Elizabeth

Elizabeth called her new website Love Heals with Elizabeth because the premise of her work is: Love Heals.

Do not take that statement to be exclusive. Love is certainly not the only healing substance or approach available but the active application of Love in any dis-ease situation will enhance and support the healing process.

(This is her husband, also her video director/editor writing this piece.)

We live in an age of prodigious medical technology. In my lifetime healing tools – both chemical and surgical – have advanced beyond imagination. When I was a young man there had never been a heart transplant. Today transplanting a heart and a pair of lungs to save a life is almost routine. When in the early 1970s Elizabeth had her first post-cancer-surgery-chemotherapy most such methods were in many cases as bad as the disease. She was blessed to be treated with a drug that was local and limited in systemic effect but many patients were devastated by chemotherapy treatments. Today the chemical applications can be tailored to the patient and targeted to the specific malignancy and produce minimal discomfort. The same is true for radiation. We know because after forty-one years the “big C” hit Elizabeth again and she benefitted from targeted chemo and radiation in 2016. These and other advances in medical technology are invaluable weapons in the battle with dis-ease of all sorts.

Introducing Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series.

Her work, particularly the Better & Better Series, addresses the emotional/spiritual aspects of healing, specifically the fear and worry when one is faced with a life-threatening medical situation. There are few among us who have not experienced fear and noticed its effects, from butterflies in the stomach to cold sweats. When one is preparing to “go under the knife” fear is inevitable even for the bravest among us. The Better & Better Series is designed to support the elimination of that fear.

Because I am married to this wonderful woman (twice, but that’s another story. See my book Waiting for Elizabeth for the whole story) and I’m a video director/editor I was privileged to be an integral part of this project.

The Better and Better Series comprises five healing support video and audio programs, designed to alleviate the anxiety and stress associated with surgery – for both patient and caregiver – and to sustain radiant health once the recovery is complete.

Pre-Surgery Healing Support programs combine the soothing, healing ambiance of the beach, original music and Elizabeth’s therapeutic suggestion * to promote relaxation and a sense of peace and trust to set the stage for optimal results to be achieved from surgery. (24 minutes)

Post-Surgery Healing Support programs for the recuperation period applies the powerful inspiration of a beautiful waterfall in spring, in combination with music and therapeutic suggestion to support and invigorate the healing process to facilitate recovery. (24 minutes)

(There is a version of both the pre and post surgery programs for the caregiver as well as audio only CDs for both.)

In the Lap of Luxury is for anyone and everyone. Elizabeth calls it “Mission Possible” Feeling Really Good! Magnificent Lake George in upstate New York provides the backdrop for music and therapeutic suggestion designed to sustain radiant health and well-being. (23 minutes)

Video samples may be seen here.

The Better & Better Series Guidebooks contain information designed to support and enhance the experience of the programs. You may download the free guidebook here.

Once our producer, Eric Brown, approved my budget Elizabeth (writer and on-camera presence and leader of the meditations) began rewriting and refining her scripts and I (director and editor) began scouring the internet for locations. Together we began the search for a composer and soon found the brilliant and creative Rick Baitz who not only wrote appropriate beautiful music but also engineered the final audio mix for the entire project.

I’ll be back with other posts sharing some details of the preparations for and the shooting and editing of Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series.

So welcome to Elizabeth’s site. It’s still under construction but the Better & Better Series page and several others are active.

* Therapeutic suggestion is also known as guided meditation.