Healing Quality of a Waterfall

Since her first bout with cancer Elizabeth Hepburn has devoted her life to sharing healing support with others.

Producing Better & Better

In February 2004 Eric Brown committed to produce Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series – a set of video and audio healing support “tools”. We’re not certain when the title came into being but we know its derivation. In all the Better & Better programs Elizabeth quotes Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie the French psychologist who introduced a popular method of self-improvement based on the autosuggestion: “Day by day in every way I am getting better and better”. All five programs – conceived, written and performed by Elizabeth – are designed to support patients and caregivers in preparation for and recovery from surgery.

I, Ben Bryant, am blessed to be married to this extraordinary woman and to serve as her director and editor.

Finding the Location

Since we were in high school Bob Collins (cinematographer) and I had talked about working together, him as cameraman and me as director. The wish finally came true that April when I flew down to Winston-Salem (where BC was head of the North Carolina School of the Arts cinematography department) and we went waterfall scouting for four days.

The location that had looked most ideal on the internet was Pearson’s Falls near Saluda, North Carolina.

We saw it in person on our last day of scouting. This waterfall had the size and beauty we needed and was not frightening as many large waterfalls can be. There was a kind of delicacy about it and its environment was picturesque, offering a variety of beautiful settings: several tiny waterfalls, small and large bubbling brooks and a wealth of flora. It seemed made for our purposes.

Here are two short clips from the twenty-five minute program Post-Surgery for the Patient. (Introduced by Elizabeth)

The entire Better & Better Series is available here for download. Once on the page, put your cursor over an image to Id. the program and click for more info and a sample. If you prefer discs click here.