Love Heals, Elizabeth Hepburn’s “Pledge to Love” *

In 2010 Elizabeth, who’s dictum is “Love Heals”, had been mulling the idea of a video for her Pledge to Love.

The concept of the video was to stress the international aspect of the Pledge so we wanted to include as many nationalities/languages as we could. From our neighborhood we got the Turkish fruit vendor and the Yemeni hardware store guy. Through networking with our friends we ended up with thirteen languages from Gaelic to Chinese.

(Except for one in Germany and another in Oregon they were all in a one mile radius of our house. You gotta love New York City!)

Elizabeth tells us: This “Pledge to Love” is the result of a gift from Dr. Brugh Joy. Several years ago, at a class of his on the upper west side of Manhattan, he was having us sit quietly with our right hand on our heart center. We were to feel, very slowly, one at a time, the myriad aspects of Love present there – joy, tenderness, peace, gratitude, compassion. It was so beautiful. The next morning in meditation, in putting my hand over my heart to recreate this experience, I heard this Pledge of Allegiance. I’ll be forever grateful. Regardless of where we stand religiously, spiritually, or non-spiritually – we all want to feel good and be happy.


We did versions of several lengths. The one presented here is the longer one.

The short versions are (4:51) here and (2:10) here. Enjoy and please share.

*This is a rewritten version of a vlog on Ben’s books website hence the super on the video. Elizabeth’s home page is at