Love Heals and Fun on Locations

Love heals is not an empty phrase. There are research studies bearing out the integrity of that statement. But that’s not exactly what this vlog is about. It is the idea behind Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series. Love, music and beauty are all healing techniques and in this series we created a combination of those elements.

A pristine beach, a large yet gentle waterfall and a spectacular mountain lake provide settings for Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series.

In this vlog the creators share their ideas about the project along with some “backstage” photography. **

If you know someone who is (or are yourself) preparing for or recovering from surgery, suffering with illness
Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series may provide relief from the anxiety and pain. Love heals.


** Video by Mel Higgins Collins / Stills by Arledge Armenaki